By taking a real interest in your business and its goals we identify what makes you different and then build on this to create a brand identity that stands out.

Developing a good brand involves planning and clear direction. At sixtyeight we have been working with new and established brands for over two decades. It’s exciting to develop a new brand, not just for us be also for our clients who are always involved. The strategy is to find what makes your business different and worth building a brand on. This important ‘difference’ may be found quickly or it may take longer – but we don’t stop until it is found and agreed on. Now we can start designing.

A brand is a name – and a new brand usually means a new name. So we all start searching or that name which will portray your business and that key element that makes it different. Don’t feel shy – chip in – the more ideas the better. With the name established we’re ready to give it a visual presence.

The visual presence of your brand – its logo identity – will be associated with your products or services. For your customers it will represent all that your company is. To be successful the design needs to be unique and memorable. Your brand identity may appear on stationery, in print, on a website, across a vehicle, covering a building and so on – so it must be flexible and versatile. We provide our clients with a set of branding guidelines illustrating a logos various applications, setting out dimensions and proportions. Supplying a range of logo images to suit these applications and guidelines on how to use them.