Promoting your product or service requires a clear strategy and creative thinking. Search engine optimisation, online marketing, email campaigns and social media – promote and support your brand.

The emphasis at sixtyeight is on ‘creative solutions’ whether we supply the finished solution is up to you. Some clients utilise our marketing consultancy services to educate staff and build enthusiasm in preparation for selecting a suitable supplier. We can help steer your brainstorming sessions, putting ideas into a visual presentation enabling you to collate an effective marketing brief.

Many of our clients also benefit from our marketing services which include Search Engine Optimisation of websites, online marketing and advertising as well as utilising social media. Well designed email campaigns help to solidify your brand in the customers mind and meaningful content set at the right volume is attractive rather than intrusive.

While social media storms ahead – many find it a burden to continually supply content. At sixtyeight we help by establishing a focus and format for content then manage its production – taking on whatever workload the client determines.