We have been building websites since 1996 and never grow tired of them. A website builds on your brand and gives your customers exactly what they need to work with you. We utilise technology to provide really useful features – a true extension of your business.

We work closely with our clients at the website planning stages to make sure we have the most accurate brief. A clear website strategy helps us to give you focused creative solutions. Each business is unique and we seek to grasp the essence of your business and the attitudes of your customers.

Will a website by sixtyeight look good? Of course we say ‘yes’, but your website needs to do more than that. Visitors need to easily see your key services or products and how it relates to their needs. We aim to engage your website visitors by maintaining a strong brand message throughout and promoting a point of contact. We achieve these elements by being a ‘creative solutions agency’ – whether that creative solution is visual or through technology.

Website development

A website can be more than an online brochure and we expect you feel the same. Most of the websites we produce involve application development. Application development has enabled us to build exciting and useful functions into our websites. This makes a website not just a platform to deliver information but also a place to actually do something.

At sixtyeight we can provide a full ‘content management system’ to keep you and your staff in control of your web content. Examples of applications might be an online shop utilising E-commerce, online booking systems and on-the-fly PDF creation from database content, news or press releases, recruitment, searchable directories, photo libraries, online training, product support, personalised content delivery and more.

As with any internet business our clients can exist practically anywhere and we aim to provide an excellent website design and development service. As well as serving clients in our immediate area of Essex and Hertfordshire we continue to gain clients from London and thoughout the UK.