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Foodie Flavours Ltd

2012 – present

  • Food Manufacturer
  • Branding
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  • Graphic Design

Manufacturers of high strength natural flavouring

Manufacturers of high strength natural flavouring

We have worked with Foodie Flavours Ltd since 2012, creating their corporate branding from the very start. In addition to business stationery, brochures and exhibition graphics, we design and manage their online shop at



The home page we had originally designed for the old website was still functional. But it lacked the responsiveness required for use on mobile devices also it was beginning to appear dated. Foodie Flavours wanted to maintain a useable but modern appearance for their website.

We designed the new home page to meet this criteria. The focus of the page is the large slider, this area is ideal for drawing attention to featured products and events. Following that are four boxes which link to different pages which are useful to customers, either to learn more about the company or to order products.

old foodie flavours website new foodie flavours website
old foodie flavours website new foodie flavours ecommerce website


The main focus of the redesigned shop pages was usability. To achieve this two key steps were taken. Firstly the creation of professional product pack shots, giving consistent product images throughout the shop pages. Use of these resulted in a much cleaner presentation as well as a resource of images for use in other advertising material.

The second change was to make use of a filtering system, this enables customers to filter the products by size, application, requirements and features. All of this provides a far more enjoyable customer experience.


Trade Enquires

The redesign of this enquiry page was mainly to include more information. Giving the visitor a better understanding of Foodie Flavours before contacting them. The design of the new page also has a professional feel something we felt was lacking from the old version. 

old enquiry page trade contact page

Sixtyeight have created a great brand for us. Their continued expansion of our website is key to the success of Foodie Flavours

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