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An Exciting Project About
Cars, Driving And

Quattro Life is a company focused on automotive journalism specifically centred around the car manufacturer Audi. They came to us with a plan for starting an automotive blog business. They needed a website to serve as a base for their articles but also a place for people to share their comments and views.

Main Logo

This is the main logo we developed for this client. This logo is used for their website, business cards, clothing and general branding.

Secondary Logo

It was decided that a second logo was required for uses such as media watermarking and as a favicon. This secondary logo is also optimised as an app icon, something which this client was interested in developing in the future.

Designing The


The brief for the design of this company’s brand and logo was relatively simple, something eye-catching, appealing and that easily conveys the focus of the company. We created many variations of different logos, the one which the client chose was based on the iconic Audi front grille and looked stealthy, modern and sharp.

Mobile Friendly
& Optimised

Speed & Function Combined

Sixtyeight were fantastic. They created a great logo and site giving us the professional look we needed

Chief Editor - Quattro Life