Crafting an effective & organic audience for your business.

Sixtyeight is able to provide a number of different levels of social media marketing. Each of these can be customised to meet your businesses needs. Please contact us with your requirements.

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Organic Audience

We focus on organically growing your followers ensuring your audience if full of useful users and potential customers.

Hot Looks

The presentation of your business on social media is key. We maintain your corporate identity and ensure that the professionalism of your brand is always prevalent.

Professional Team

Our social management team will work to deliver real business results.

Connecting & Engagement

We take the time to connect and engage with your audience – conducting conversations and building relationships to provide real-world returns.

Fast Growth

Audience growth is the main aim for many businesses, to achieve this we utilise various effective marketing plans.

Effective Content

As well as using current resources to advertise your business on social media platforms, we create custom content to keep your audience engaged.

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Get in touch

Contact Sixtyeight, tell us all about your company and your social media needs.

Draw up a plan

We will develop a marketing strategy which suits your company's needs and puts us on course to achieve your goals.

Watch It grow

Sit back, relax and let Sixtyeight take care of your social media presence - generating online engagement which translates to real-world results.
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