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How to keep your business moving

With local businesses facing uncertain times and being forced to shut their doors there’s really only one way they can continue to provide services to their customers, online. Business who have already established a presence on the web will have a head start as they can now adjust their website to meet their new needs. Enabling them to continue operating despite ever changing circumstances.

But I don’t have a website!

The good news is that there are plenty of options to get you online quickly. We are able to design and publish modern, responsive websites which are personalised to match not only your businesses design but also your specific needs.

Portfolio Website 
Promote yourself and your services, spotlight your skills, previous projects and encourage potential clients to contact you.

Ecommerce Website
Taking a physical shop in the HighStreet online is easier than ever. Allowing customers to browse your products and make purchases 24 hours a day, every day.

Small Business Website 
Websites are a fantastic asset to any small business. You can provide information about your business for customers to learn more about you at their convenience.

Corporate Website
A website is a must have for any serious business. Adding credibility, professionalism and transparency to your company. Now more than ever it is key that companies are accessible online.

I already have a website!

Fantastic you’re on the right track and likely ahead of the pack. Now it’s time to think about how you have best leverage that online presence.

Time For A Refresh
Is it time for an update? Is your website responsive, does it work well on phones and tablets? Are things starting to look a bit dated, would a visitor to your site wonder if you’re still in business?

Adding Functionality
Having a website is great for promoting your business. But do you need to add functionality? If customers can’t visit you at the moment could you provide your service via the web?

Keeping Things Up To Date 
It’s key to keep your website up to date. This might mean publishing blog posts regularly. Or simply updating your content to make sure it’s relevant right now.

Explore New Avenues
Your website is up and running, doing everything you want and looking fantastic. Perhaps cloud based software or an in house App could help to accelerate your business and boost efficiency.

Take Your Business To New Heights With Sixtyeight

Take Your Business To New Heights With Sixtyeight